White Papers for Healthcare Information Systems and Technology

  • 2019 Member Satisfaction SurveyBy

    We surveyed over 700 Wisconsin families to find out how they feel about their healthcare experience with the HPS network and our super easy payment system. Check out the results of​ our 2019 Member Survey: Satisfaction with HPS and the SuperEOB​ .
  • Create An Inspired Company Culture Through Document Management SoftwareBy

    Positive company culture can go a long way toward creating happier, more productive, and more satisfied employees. Additionally, this is a viable step in the right direction for companies needing to maximize human capital.
  • Navigating the Unique Complexities of Home Health Care: Cooperative for Human Services, Inc.By

    The Cooperative for Human Services, Inc. (CHS) approached Acumen Data Systems and presented their vision of a highly integrated, user-friendly system that addressed their complex business requirements.
  • Data Logger vs DAQBy

    Key Differences Between Data Logging and Data Acquisition What is the difference between a Data Logger vs DAQ System? A data logger is a type of data acquisition system, but a data acquisition system is not necessarily a datalogger. There are several key functional differences in how the market...
  • UnifiMD Connectivity SolutionsBy

    Available as a complete EHR or individual modules. Now you can personalize your solution.
  • COI Tracking Challenges in Real Estate & Property ManagementBy

    Managing the collection and validation of incoming certificates of insurance (COI’s) is a time consuming and costly burden for most organizations. This is particularly true for real estate / property management clients who must collect certificates of insurance from tenants, who must present...
  • Electronic Document Management: Capture the BenefitsBy

    Today, it’s hardly a secret that EDMS (Electronic Document Management Systems) deliver significant monetary savings and numerous other advantages over the use and maintenance of hard copy records. Consequently, you can bet that any company or firm looking to expand profitability and viability...
  • Running an Independent Practice in 2015By

    2015 is the year of making some tough decisions. Staying independent or joining a group? Self-preparation for ICD-10 or outsourcing to a billing partner? Moving towards Value-Based Care or waiting for ACOs to gain more momentum? This document is your guide to practicing medicine in 2015 and...
  • Enhanced IDManageBy

    For many organizations MPI management processes are largely manual, relying on rudimentary reports and spreadsheets as the primary tools for problem identification and tracking. Unable to invest in advanced technology solutions, these organizations struggle with labor-intensive, time-consuming,...
  • The Rehabilitation Nursing Contribution to Value-Based Purchasing for Post-Acute CareBy

    What does the future of Rehabilitation Nursing look like? What barriers will stand in the way? Old habits and historical practices play a role in the resistance of changes on the homefront. It's time for every healthcare organization to face the facts that nursing support for the delivery of...
  • Case Study: Caldwell Medical CenterBy

    When their current system became unreliable, Caldwell Medical Center began looking for a user-friendly, efficient system that would provide a seamless workflow. Caldwell found this when they implemented the Avreo interVIEW solution. interVIEW’s built-in dictation, transcription, electronic...
  • IAM: From Rquirements to RealizationBy

    Identity & Access Management(IAM) is increasingly being deployed in organizations. This stems from the recognition that a forward-looking approach to Identity & Access Management is crucial to achieve cost savings. Organizations that implement IAM solutions go through various stages of...
  • Introducing Exploratory TestingBy

    If you've been taught that the software testing process must include a complete set of detailed test documentation, or that an explicitly defined set of expected results must accompany each step in a testing plan, you should read this white paper.
  • Enhancing Patient Care and Physician Efficiency through EHR AdoptionBy

    Many healthcare professionals focus on the financial implications and changes in workflow associated with adopting electronic health records (EHRs), often underestimating the positive impact the technology has on the quality of patient care. Using an EHR has been shown to significantly reduce...