Products in the Healthcare IT Marketplace

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  • SafeData DR By Data Storage Corporation

    For those organizations with recovery time objectives of 10 hours or less running in an IBM System i environment, DSC’s SafeData DR subscription-based service is a viable option requiring no capital expenditure. Leveraging electronic vaulting technology, SafeData DR is an online backup and... Read More
  • SafeData HA By Data Storage Corporation

    For those companies that have recovery time objectives of 15 minutes or less, DSC’s SafeData HA meets the high availability demands of their businesses. For a monthly subscription fee, DSC creates and maintains a mirror of its clients’ mission-critical systems and data at a secure off-site data... Read More
  • SafeData Vault By Data Storage Corporation

    DSC’s SafeData Vault is a fully automated service designed to reduce the overall costs associated with backup and recovery of application and file servers and centralize and streamline their data protection processes. Providing a “point-in-time” snapshot of data across a network to a remote... Read More
  • Safety and Security Solutions By Annese & Associates Inc.

    You can’t put a price on your safety. You wouldn’t go to sleep without locking the doors in your house; why not take the same precautionary measures for your network? With the emergence of smart-phones, tablets, and the commercialization of IT, combined with the move to cloud-based services,... Read More
  • ScanLink By Ambir Technology Inc.

    ScanLink is an innovative software solution that solves the problem of connecting your scanner to a remote desktop or Citrix session. Compatible with most any TWAIN scanner, ScanLink is a breakthrough in ease of configuration in a complex network environment. Scanlink is a remote scanning... Read More

    Go paperless to streamline your office operations, improve decision support and reduce operating costs through greater efficiencies. Be EMR ready. Get a head start by scanning documentation ahead of time. + Anywhere, anytime access to your records and improve customer service. + Reduce... Read More
  • Scanning Software By OPEX Corporation

    OPEX has a rich history of software development and innovation. We have integrated many of these software tools directly into our hardware solutions to increase productivity and streamline workflows. Our document scanners and payment processors are no different. Each of the following... Read More
  • Security Audit Manager™ By Iatric Systems, Inc.

    Security Audit Manager™ is a patient privacy software solution that manages your patient privacy program and detects patient privacy breaches. By automatically aggregating all the Protected Health Information access from any system, healthcare organizations can achieve HIPAA compliance, reduce... Read More
  • Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) By Tools4ever

    The SSRPM solution allows users to reset their password on the basis of accurately answering challenge questions. The ‘Forgot My Password’ button is integrated into the Windows Logon screen and supports a number of platforms. With SSRPM, the time-consuming process surrounding password resets is... Read More
  • Share Point 2013 for Document Management By Microsoft Corporation

    The features integrated into Microsoft's SharePoint Foundation document management system address all of the following: What kinds of documents and other content can be created in an organization; What template to use for each kind of document; What metadata to provide for each kind of document;... Read More
  • SharePoint Consulting Services By Congruent Info-Tech

    Congruent provides SharePoint consulting services that is focused towards meeting customer's unique business needs. We believe that every situation and every customer we handle are unique. Our experienced onsite SharePoint consultants across your region, along with our huge offshore development... Read More
  • SIERRA Advantage Film Digitizer By VIDAR Systems Corporation

    The award-winning SIERRA Advantage film digitizer allows for an affordable solution for teleradiology and low-volume digitizing. It overcomes some of the most common barriers to digitizer use — quality, cost, and size. It is the first film digitizer small enough to be easily wall-mounted,... Read More
  • Simcad Cloud® Dynamic Simulation® Solution By CreateASoft, Inc.

    By enabling simulation on the cloud users experience reduced cost of ownership including the elimination of IT support costs, expensive hardware purchases and upgrades, no more license management and software upgrade costs. Simcad Cloud® streamlines the simulation process and enables anyone with... Read More
  • Simcad Pro® Simulation Software By CreateASoft, Inc.

    Identify the Most Efficient Layout and Patient Flow •Decrease patient wait time and increase operational efficiency and quality using LEAN / TQM / Six Sigma tools and object routing & grouping analysis. •View a full featured 3D environment in real time from a resource or patient point of... Read More
  • SmartAccess — Patient Registration Validation Solutions By QuadraMed Corporation

    QuadraMed proactively prevents duplicate patient record creation during all points of entry into the health system. Our SmartAccess™ patient recognition technologies include an enterprise-wide search using our proprietary probabilistic algorithm, which can be enhanced with one or more of the... Read More
  • SmartID Platform By QuadraMed Corporation

    Other Vendors Can Only Offer You One Piece of the EMPI Puzzle. We Have Them All. Diagnose: Scan your current databases and detect all existing patient identification inconsistencies. Treat: Cleanse your patient data of any duplicates and overlaps. Cure: Establish one enterprise master person... Read More
  • SmartStation By M3 Solutions Technologies

    SmartStation is much more than a charging Carts, it combines hardware and proprietary software into one 360 management platform aimed at driving cost down across your enterprise. - Video surveillance and transaction reporting (Device issued to who, where, and when) - Device status monitoring... Read More
  • Soarian Implementations By Stoltenberg Consulting

    As the first approved partner for Soarian Clinicals, Stoltenberg offers 16 years of experience working with Siemens implementations for a wide range of hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our skilled Soarian resources understand the big picture of your healthcare organization as well as the... Read More
  • SoftBank® II By SCC Soft Computer

    SCC Soft Computer’s SoftBank II is a blood bank and transfusion service management system that combines current high-performance functionality with exciting new features to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective testing solution. SoftBank II operates on the UNIX operating system using the... Read More
  • SoftCytogenetics® By SCC Soft Computer

    SoftCytogenetics provides the essential application for both clinicians and researchers to design and implement experimental workflows, interface readily within a robust database, and manage information relayed from automated equipment. SoftCytogenetics can effectively analyze information from... Read More
  • SoftDonor® By SCC Soft Computer

    As part of SCC Soft Computer’s complete blood management software solution, SoftDonor enables donor facilities to provide outstanding recruitment, donor eligibility, component production, donor testing, inventory control, and distribution. SoftDonor allows knowledgeable users to efficiently... Read More
  • SoftFlowCytometry® By SCC Soft Computer

    SoftFlowCytometry enables both laboratory researchers and clinicians to effectively analyze information derived from research techniques such as scattergrams, images, and custom panels. This information system enables both laboratory researchers and clinicians to effectively analyze information... Read More
  • SoftHLA® By SCC Soft Computer

    SoftHLA provides a vital tool for the field of immunogenetics research. This application is capable of providing strong database support for information analysis and management. In addition, SoftHLA provides clinical and laboratory information management functionality related to solid organ,... Read More
  • SoftLab® By SCC Soft Computer

    With its advanced integration capabilities and multisite functionality, SoftLab can be used in a wide variety of clinical laboratory settings, as well as at leading university and teaching facilities. Utilization management, medical necessity checking with Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs),... Read More
  • SoftMic® By SCC Soft Computer

    When managing microbiology specimens requires a high-tech solution, SCC’s SoftMic is the answer. If you’re seeking a paperless environment, you’ve got it! SoftMic automates the processing of specimens through all stages, from order entry and workup to final reporting – offering a high-tech... Read More
  • SoftMolecular® By SCC Soft Computer

    SoftMolecular empowers both researchers and clinicians alike to grasp the information generated from molecular genetics research, such as nucleic acid research and discovery, and gain a stronger foothold in molecular genetics. Providing real-time information management for mission critical... Read More
  • SoftPath® By SCC Soft Computer

    SoftPath offers a total solution for anatomic pathology laboratories. Widely used in hospitals, teaching facilities, and commercial laboratories, SoftPath provides tools designed to enhance patient care and improve turnaround time. Its flexibility enables users to create a workflow that is... Read More
  • Software Development Services By Congruent Info-Tech

    Congruent, with its knowledge in cutting edge technologies and more than two decades of experience, gets to know what your exact requirements are, and provides precisely what you need. We help in developing one-of–a-kind software that are intended to align with customer’s unique... Read More
  • SolvEdge Digital-CCP By OBRIEN

    Document management solutions from Obrien include the SolvEdge Digital Collaboration & Communication Platform (CCP). Digital-CCP enables users to create highly personalized and standardized documents that can be delivered to customers and various company departments through multiple channels,... Read More
  • Specialized Practice Management Solutions (EMR) By Argosy Group, Inc.

    PULMONOLOGY Features -Pulmonology and sleep specific procedures -Inventory tracking for sleep and respiratory DME -Pulmonology detailed problem lists, order sets and plan -Patient portal for at-home registration with the Epworth -Sleepiness Scale and Fagerstrom Test -Electronic medication... Read More
  • Speech Recognition By Medical INK Corporation

    Medical INK has partnered with M*Modal to offer comprehensive Speech Recognition capabilities. Their advanced back end speech understanding technology transforms our transcriptionists into Medical Language Specialists (MLS). + Populates EMR/EHR systems with clinical information delivered in a... Read More
  • SuperEOB​ ​ By Health Payment Systems

    R​ The HPS SuperEOB​ is an easy-to-read, statement, similar to a credit card statement, that consolidates all of an individual’s or a family’s in-network explanations of benefits (EOBs) and medical bills for an entire month, regardless of how many doctors were seen. This simplifies the billing... Read More
  • SyferLock GridGuard Authentication Solution By SyferLock Technology Corporation

    SyferLock's GridGuard technology provides 2-factor and multi-form authentication for Web Portals, SSL VPN appliances and software applications. Supported solutions include Juniper SSL VPN , Citrix Netscaler & Access Gateway, Array Networks, Checkpoint Connectra, cloud services like... Read More
  • SyferLock GridPro Authentication Solution By SyferLock Technology Corporation

    SyferLock's GridPro™ offers enterprises a solution for personal computers and tablets leveraging Microsoft’s Windows® operating system platform. This solution consists of a login application (replacing the standard Windows login) that presents the user with a Grid for authentication. Read More
  • SyferLock GridSoftToken Authentication Solution By SyferLock Technology Corporation

    SyferLock GridSoftToken authentication solution offers users the ability to leverage their existing computer, laptop or smartphone as the 2nd factor “something you have” versus having to use “hard tokens”. SyferLock’s proprietary technology delivers not only 2 Factor device authentication, but... Read More
  • System Adoption and Training By OPTUMInsight

    # System Adoption and Training Axolotl's blended learning approach to training has been proven to drive system adoption. Our skilled training developers have put together innovative job aides and proven support tools to reinforce learning experience and maximize system use. Axolotl's staff... Read More