Products in the Healthcare IT Marketplace

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  • RACSource By SourceHOV

    RAC audit request tracking utilizing SRCP's proprietary RACSource software, a fully integrated end–to–end solution encompassing patient accounting payments and adjustments as well as attaching medical record, 837, 835, and appeal letters to each claim and immediate financial impact calculations Read More
  • Recording and Quality Management for Healthcare By dvsAnalytics, Inc.

    Document Interactions. With Encore’s flexible call recording options, record 100% of interactions, on-demand, at random, or on a pre-defined schedule. Encore screen recording can help you understand how your staff interacts with insurance companies, patients, or other desktop applications to... Read More
  • RecoverNow By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Faster, more reliable and more complete recovery than from backup tapes alone. - Quickly and easily recover just one or many files, objects or libraries. - Powerful Continuous Data Protection (CDP) “rewind” capabilities to recover damaged or deleted data at any point in time. Use... Read More
  • Regulatory Compliance Solutions By Cognizant Technology Solutions

    We provide an array of field-proven solutions and tools for meeting specific regulatory challenges, ranging from the transition to ICD-10 and healthcare reform mandates to data privacy and security requirements and audits and quality reporting. Read More
  • Reimbursement Manager (Denial Management & Contract Management Software and Services) By Cirius Group, INC.

    Accuracy Matters! Reimbursement Manager uses the same fully edited claims sent to the payers by Prebill Manager, and the specific terms of the client’s managed care contracts or Medicare rate information to calculate expected reimbursement. Upon processing of the payer’s electronic remittance... Read More
  • Remittance Manager (Cash Reconciliation, Payment Processing Software and Services) By Cirius Group, INC.

    More than a 835 translator, Remittance Manager is a business intelligence software solution designed to simplify the complexities of electronic remittance advices, cash posting, and denial management. Remittance Manager systematically reconciles and balances hospital ERAs to bank deposits, and... Read More
  • Reorganize While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Reduce Disk Usage and Improve Performance, without Downtime Overview - Save money by dramatically reducing storage requirements and improving application performance - Efficiently detect and quickly act on any reorganization issues - Efficiently reorganize files containing almost any kind of... Read More
  • Repair Services By SingleSource Communications

    Singlesource Communications can offer repair/exchange service for products from most major telecom manufacturers. We specialize in microwave radio repair on products by Proxim Lynx™, Glenayre™, Western Multiplex™, and Alcatel MDR. We also do repair services on products from the following... Read More
  • Replicate1 By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Improve productivity and profitability by eliminating data barriers between applications. - Transparently transform data to meet the unique needs of each business application. - Make better-informed business decisions using integrated data from divergent sources. Vision Replicate1™... Read More
  • Revenue Cycle Consulting By Cirius Group, INC.

    Our software is expertly fit to client’s needs by seasoned and highly experienced consultants. We do not rely on a “one size fits all” system, we tailor our solutions to address every client and their unique issues. By evaluating the current environment, our consultants and compliance team... Read More
  • Revenue Cycle Education By Litmos Healthcare

    Did you know by improving staff knowledge you’ll see greater revenue? Clients say over and over Litmos Healthcare Division helped their healthcare facility increase staff productivity and revenue. Staff development can be costly and hard to track, but our online education program is... Read More
  • Revenue Cycle Management By iPatientCare, Inc.

    iPatientCare RCM is an excellent business arrangement for many practices who find in-office billing burdensome, straining their time, money, and resources. Physicians’ offices and Rural Health Clinics (RHC) may utilize iPatientCare’s billing services at 3.9% of monthly collected revenue,... Read More
  • Revenue Cycle Management By Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

    BRING YOUR PRACTICE INTO FOCUS CHS Medical Billing Services provides transparency and strength to your practice. Giving you the peace of mind to do what you do best. Our industry leading claims processing and patient engagement solutions delivers the tools required to manage the ever changing... Read More
  • Revenue Cycle Management By Argosy Group, Inc.

    DMEPOS How much money is your company losing due to unreimbursed claims? Claims that were denied because they were not billed on a timely manner, not billed properly or just forgotten about and simply never sent? That’s right, hundreds of millions of dollars is lost annually due to medical... Read More
  • Revenue Integrity By MedeAnalytics, Inc.

    By 2020, fee-for-value reimbursement is projected to represent 83% of your revenue. Clinical operations will become vital to your bottom line. It is at the mid-cycle—the point between patient access and the business office—where improvement initiatives will have the greatest impact. Revenue... Read More
  • Risk Assessment By CynergisTek

    Our Risk Assessment is our flagship stand-alone assessment that combines a serios of several individual technical assessments into a single engagement aimed specifically at adressing the requirement for both a risk assessment as well as ongoing risk management process for all organiztions with a... Read More
  • RiskEnvision- Enterprise RMIS By Ebix, Inc.

    RiskEnvision is an enterprise level risk management information system (RMIS) serving the needs of the industry including risk managers, claims administrators, insurance carrier providers and EH&S professionals. It is a total web –based risk management and claims administration solution in the... Read More
  • ROI Online By MRO

    MRO offers a unique combination of technology and services that creates a true partnership with our clients. MRO’s ROI Online services can be delivered in a variety of ways which enables the facility to set up the process that works best for them. All of the service delivery models allow the... Read More
  • Rubex by eFileCabinet By eFileCabinet, Inc.

    Rubex by eFileCabinet automates the flow of documents with advanced OCR and workflow tools that keep files moving through your organization and files them in a system that’s built around how your business operates. EASE OF USE An intuitive interface keeps the user’s documents at the forefront,... Read More
  • Ruckus Wireless Networking By HD Communications Corp.

    Ruckus Wireless Products- Better WiFi for better and faster connectivity for Healthcare facilities. No more dead zones or slow connections. Let us design a Wireless network that works in your facility. WiFi is a two way technology and the weak link in a WiFi network are the client devices such... Read More
  • RulesXpress – Easy To Use, Powerful Rules Based Automation By MariChris, LLC

    RulesXpress is a powerful, easy to use tool that allows administrators to build complex rule-sets that define any program, or benefit plan without requiring technical intervention. As plans change or as updates take place with new supplemental rules, you can respond quickly and efficiently... Read More