Products in the Healthcare IT Marketplace

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  • OASIS Claims Management By Delphi Technology, Inc.

    OASIS Claims Management is a complete end-to-end, multi-line claims tracking and management system that captures information for all claims functions. The system is designed to make managing claims easier for adjusters, as well as make it easier for them to provide quality service to insureds.... Read More
  • OCR Audit Readiness Review By CynergisTek

    CynergisTek's OCR Audit Readiness Review can be added to any Privacy or Risk Assessment to better understand HIPAA requirements and help prepare your staff for an audit (or investigation). While preforming your assessment, CynergisTek will reproduce the OCR audit experience, holding your staff... Read More
  • OCR Mock Audit By CynergisTek

    Want to know how your organization would preform in an audit? Experience a Mock Audit that features the same OCR process, standards and deadlines in real-time. CynergisTek will evaluate your organization's ability to demonstrate HIPAA compliance, will identify your organization's readiness and... Read More
  • OMS/DMS High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Virtually eliminate downtime – along with the business costs and consequences it creates. - Scale high availability benefits across even the largest, most demanding environments. - Protect data accuracy with multi-layered integrity checking and correction. OMS/ODS for IBM i is an... Read More
  • Optimum™ Document Management Service By Optimum Document Services

    Optimum Document Services offers a proprietary, browser-based document management service that provides organizations with secure and efficient access to required documents. Document retrieval is accomplished from any computer with simple, intuitive and rich searching capabilities. All documents... Read More
  • OptiSpool - Report Management By Upland Software

    OptiSpool enables users to securely store, retrieve, parse and distribute internally generated documents. Plus they can annotate the date that a document was received, flag it for deletion, and purge it when its retention date expires. With OptiSpool, spool files become safeguarded by iSeries... Read More
  • OptiView - Document and Records Management By Upland Software

    API provides state of the art enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solutions that reduce costs, boost productivity, enable compliance, exceed auditing requirements, strengthen disaster prevention plans. OptiView finds information from your line-of-business... Read More
  • OptiWorkFlow - Business Process Management By Upland Software

    When integrated into the OptiView® system, OptiWorkFlow® provides automated business process management (BPM). This includes the intake, notification, routing, distribution and reporting of electronic documents, including expense reports, purchase orders and more. Processes can be set to... Read More
  • Outdoor MorphoAccess 520 Dual PIV/CAC-EP Biometric Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The Outdoor MorphoAccess™ PIV/CAC-EP Biometric Reader is a GSA FIPS 201 Certified CHUID Reader able to read the entire FASC-N. This reader includes integrated Contact and Contactless smart card readers and supports PKI and CAK for card authentication. This outdoor reader is fully ruggedized to... Read More
  • Outdoor MorphoAccess TWIC biometric reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    - Reader supports TWIC Operating Modes for all MARSEC Levels - FBI approved fingerprint sensor, PIV IQS certified fingerprint sensor - FIPS 201 approved template generator and matcher - Exceeds industry standards for image quality specified by NIST, BTF, and FBI - Morpho Fingerprint Image... Read More