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  • MA J-Series TWIC & MA 120W TWIC By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoAccess™ J-Series TWIC and MorphoAccess™ 120W TWIC both support TWIC Operating Modes for all MARSEC Levels by using TWIC Privacy Keys to securely decrypt the encrypted biometric across the contactless interface. Only 1.5 seconds are needed to complete the full operation, from TWIC card... Read More
  • Maintenance Software By Novo Solutions

    Maintenance Software to track, share and report on equipment, maintenance history, inventory and costs across your organization with the flexible Novo ShareNet web and mobile cloud platform. Read More
  • Manage Clinical Trials | DG Trials By DICOM Grid

    These clinical trials often require medical images from these global sites to be submitted to the Contract research Organization (CRO) running the trial, who will often end up managing images from tens of thousands of investigator sites and hundreds of thousands of users. The volume of data... Read More
  • Market Research By Technology Business Research

    The most comprehensive and conclusive technology company information available. Rapidly changing technology, consumer demand, and many other factors keep the high-tech industry in constant flux. That’s why you need the most thorough and timely information available. Technology Business... Read More
  • MasterFile Affiliations By Health Market Science

    Group practice relationships are difficult to track. As practitioners add new affiliations, move, or divide their time among multiple practices and facilities, it becomes difficult to evaluate the value of the account. And because providers are lax about reporting affiliations changes, HIE... Read More
  • MasterFile Individuals By Health Market Science

    Provider data changes frequently and unexpectedly. From addresses and phone numbers to credentialing information, healthcare provider data is constantly changing. Keeping the data up-to-date is difficult and costly. Providers tend to be remiss about updating their profile information with... Read More
  • MasterFile Organizations By Health Market Science

    coverage you need to be strategic.In today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers need to have an accurate picture of their target customers in order to maximize account-based sales planning and execution. It takes a holistic... Read More
  • MatchMetrix EMPI By NextGate

    Enterprise Master Patient Index by NextGate, Rated #1 EMPI by KLAS Research An Enterprise Master Patient Index correlates patient IDs across systems and settings, like EMRs, IDNs, and ACOs. Our EMPI is the gold standard in patient data matching, designed specifically for healthcare’s unique... Read More
  • MatrixCare EHR By MDI Achieve

    MatrixCare is the leading, certified, cloud-based EHR solution designed to help long-term care and senior living communities deliver superior care, resulting in better outcomes for their residents. The MatrixCare solution includes product suites to help providers maximize reimbursements, reduce... Read More
  • MatrixCare Financials By MDI Achieve

    MatrixCare is the leading, certified, cloud-based EHR solution designed to help long-term care and senior living communities deliver superior care, resulting in better outcomes for their residents. The MatrixCare solution includes product suites to help providers maximize reimbursements, reduce... Read More
  • McKesson Practice Choice™ By McKesson

    Strengthen the Vitality of Your Practice with McKesson Practice Choice™, a Physician Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solution McKesson Practice Choice™ is the latest web-based (SaaS – software as a service) electronic health records software (EHR) and physician practice... Read More
  • McKesson Practice Complete™ By McKesson

    Join the Clinical Cloud. McKesson Practice Complete™ uses cloud computing technology to deliver a certified electronic health record (EHR)1 with a virtual back-office service team of health care billing experts. Cloud computing with McKesson Practice Complete means lower costs and immediate... Read More
  • Meaningful Use By Stoltenberg Consulting

    Stoltenberg consultants believe that in order to adequately leverage EHR investments, healthcare organizations must be able to see the big picture and understand how all the pieces fit together. Stoltenberg provides the tools, insight and foresight to help its customers keep the end goal of... Read More
  • Meaningful Use Assessment By CynergisTek

    Do you meet attestation requirements? We offer a Meaningful Use (MU) EHR Technical Security Controls Assessment that is designed to prove your organization's compliance with MU requirements. When completed with a Risk Assessment, CynergisTek will valide the privacy and security controls... Read More
  • Meaningful Use Manager™ By Iatric Systems, Inc.

    MEANINGFUL USE: Achieving Meaningful Use can be challenging and require multiple resources. Simplify this process and save time and money by implementing an automated dashboard solution. Meaningful Use Manager will calculate, track, and report on each measure, giving you an at-a-glance view of... Read More
  • Medical Billing Services By CureMD Corp.

    Healthcare providers are facing the complexities of medical billing operations with challenges such as: • Lower A/R • Low cash flows • Insufficient resources • Declining reimbursements • Lack of reporting/analytics CureMD Billing team has decades of multi-specialty experience in: • End-to-end... Read More
  • Medical Billing Services By Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

    Outsourcing to the right company makes all the difference As an extension of your practice the CHS Medical Billing Services Team delivers the expertise, attention and care required to minimize your administrative work while maximizing your revenue. What to expect from us You will receive... Read More
  • Medical Image Exchange and Management | DG Exchange By DICOM Grid

    Secure and intuitive Medical Image Exchange (MIE) enables collaboration between members of a patient’s care team, irrespective of their physical location or access credentials. A referring physician from outside your hospital group can have the same ability to follow their patient as an... Read More
  • Medical Image Sharing | DG PHR By DICOM Grid

    Share images among patients, doctors, and facilities using DG PHR DG PHR provides patients with a simple and secure way to share their medical images with physicians and specialists. DG PHR also allows for easy sharing between facilities. Key Features: Provide access to patient images Look up... Read More
  • Medical PM/EHR Software By Advanced Data Sales, Inc.

    Healthcare clients are transforming their information infrastructures today. With industry - leading solutions from Aprima Medical Software, ADSI is uniquely positioned to help our clients improve service, reduce cost and manage risk. Read More
  • Medical Software Testing Services By QualiTest Ltd

    Medical device manufacturers, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies must be meticulous in their development process and perform strenuous medical software Verification and Validation Testing. QualiTest has created a wide range of Healthcare Testing Services and Medical Software Validation... Read More
  • MediLinks Inpatient By Mediware Information Systems, Inc.

    Ensure your facility is compliant with MediLinks for IRF. With a documentation solution that includes workflows specific to inpatient rehab, care planning, pre and post admission tools, and updated new regulations built right into the solution, our product has you covered from admission to... Read More
  • MediLinks Outpatient By Mediware Information Systems, Inc.

    Our outpatient rehabilitation therapy solution ensures compliance with business, clinical, industry/regulatory workflows and standards. You will always stay safely ahead of industry and regulatory changes with regular updates to templates and documentation, keeping your chances of audits and... Read More
  • MediLinks Respiratory By Mediware Information Systems, Inc.

    Objectively Determine and Justify Staffing Needs: -Manage patient care based on your physicians’ orders -Automatically convert each of your treatment orders into an estimated time to treat using the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual -Determine staffing needs in advance based on the... Read More
  • MediSuite By Infor Healthcare

    Deliver system interoperability within and across your network Lawson MediSuite consists of healthcare software for electronic health record systems, clinical departmental systems and community care. It will help you to deliver system interoperability within and across your network today – and... Read More
  • Member Portal By Healthx

    Healthx member portals engage members in health care and benefits decision-making. And with Healthx, your portal is truly yours. A configurable user design, plus tight integration with existing vendors and internal systems, differentiates you from your competitors. In fact, no one Healthx member... Read More
  • mHealth Integration By Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration

    Bring remote patient monitoring to a whole new level with PilotFish’s HealthConnect. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), patient care coordination organizations, mHealth providers, and others can leverage the PilotFish HealthConnect solution to make remote patient monitoring almost... Read More
  • mHealth Solutions By iPatientCare, Inc.

    miEHR: iPatientCare miEHR (mobile Electronic Health Record) is a scaled-down version of our full-featured EHR, and is meant to provide highly mobile healthcare to providers with anywhere, anytime access to patient’s clinical records at the point-of-care. The robust system allows physicians to... Read More
  • MicroBloggingMD By M2 Information Systems, Inc.

    MicroBloggingMD (MBMD) is a revolutionary mobile technology providing frontline care providers with critical information delivered in a way that promotes timely patient care, compliance with hospital regulations, and allows a hospital to meet the ARRA requirements without a huge investment of... Read More
  • Migrate While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Perform most upgrade and migration work during the normal workweek - Achieve huge savings by reducing downtime from days to minutes - Reduce costs by consolidating servers using many-to-one replication/synchronization Migrate While Active™ eliminates the pain normally associated with... Read More
  • MIMIX High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Eliminate the business costs and consequences of downtime. - Easily comply with data protection and availability regulations. - Minimize high availability administration costs and maximize data integrity. Built for the most demanding enterprises, MIMIX HA for i5/OS® protects business... Read More
  • Mobile App By Healthx

    With our cloud-based mobile solutions for healthcare payers, you can give members access to information and tools on the go. The custom branded mobile app available through iTunes and Google Play. An app gives you a great deal of control over the user experience and certain functionality such as... Read More
  • Mobile Supply Chain Management By Infor Healthcare

    Lawson Mobile Supply Chain Management leverages mobile handhelds, automated data collection, and wireless technology to simplify receiving, delivery and inventory processes. Working in conjunction with Lawson Procurement, Lawson Mobile Supply Chain Management minimizes lost packages and... Read More
  • MorphoAccess 120W PIV/CAC Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    Most accurate, interoperable biometric reader on GSA FIPS 201 APL per NIST MINEX Test results 2006 to present. - Supports PIV and CAC End-Point Credentials - FBI approved fingerprint sensor - PIV IQS certified fingerprint sensor - FIPS 201 approved template generator and matcher - Exceeds... Read More
  • MorphoAccess 500+ Series Biometric Access Control Readers By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoAccess 500+ range of fingerprint readers from MorphoTrak provides a single solution for securely managing physical access control and Time & Attendance throughout your business. As the culmination of more than 35 years experience in world leading biometric technology with over 2.5... Read More
  • MorphoAccess 520 Dual PIV/CAC Biometric Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoAccess™ PIV/CAC-EP Biometric Reader is a GSA FIPS 201 Certified CHUID Reader able to read the entire FASC-N. This reader includes integrated Contact and Contactless smart card readers and supports PKI and CAK for card authentication. It is the most accurate, interoperable biometric... Read More
  • MorphoAccess 521 TWIC Biometric Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoAccess™ 521 TWIC biometric reader supports TWIC Operating Modes for all MARSEC Levels by using TWIC Privacy Keys to securely decrypt the encrypted biometric across the contactless interface. Only 1.5 seconds are needed to complete the full operation, from TWIC card presentation and... Read More
  • MorphoAccess VP Finger Vein/Fingerprint Access Control Reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoAccess® VP readers bring the benefits of the finger vein/fingerprint multimodal technology to your physical access control systems, in any kind of environment. - Ground-breaking and universal biometric technology - Unrivalled accuracy, security and performance - Unparalleled balance... Read More
  • MorphoCheck Mobile ID handheld reader for FIPS201 standard cards By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoCheck handheld device reads all PIV, CAC, TWIC, FRAC, & DESFire Cards. - Real-Time Identification or Verification in the Field - FBI PIV-IQS and FIPS 201 Certified Optical Fingerprint Sensor - Unrivaled Accuracy of MorphoTrak’s Algorithms for on-board fingerprint encoding and... Read More
  • MorphoIDent handheld mobile ID device By Safran MorphoTrak

    MorphoIDent™ is the latest in handheld mobile identification devices for law enforcement. Designed for Police, Border agents and the Security Services it enables real-time identification based on Morpho’s world-class fingerprint recognition technology. Compact, easy to use and accurate,... Read More
  • MorphoTrak MC75 PIV/CAC/TWIC handheld biometric reader By Safran MorphoTrak

    The MorphoTrak MC75 with Biometric attachment is a versatile mobile ID device for PIV/CAC/TWIC implementations. This reader is able to authenticate PIV, CAC, and TWIC credentials. The biometric attachment is comprised of the MorphoSmart™ Optic 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor that is certified... Read More
  • MRS Quest Touch By MRS, Inc.

    Quest Touch is an innovative application that eliminates the need for a paper questionnaire by offering an integrated electronic solution. Quest Touch is a tablet-based patient self-reporting application that allows patients to input, update, and modify their patient and procedure information.... Read More
  • MRS7 QA Plus By MRS, Inc.

    MRS7 QA Plus reflects the core beliefs of our company; excellence in patient care and statistical accuracy in reporting. If your facility is looking for a cost effective solution designed to comply with MQSA & privacy requirements then MRS7 QA Plus is for you. Read More
  • MRS7 Reporting By MRS, Inc.

    MRS7 Reporting builds upon our core beliefs and offers radiologists the tools they need to maximize their time. Our full-featured product offering incorporates directly into radiologists’ reporting workflow and offers a multitude of innovations that raise the benchmark for breast imaging... Read More