Products in the Healthcare IT Marketplace

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  • ForSite2020® Resource Management System (RMS) By Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc.

    The first contact with your patients is where effective care delivery begins. Providing much more than just scheduling, Unibased's ForSite2020® empowers your organization to balance the needs of pre-access management, revenue cycle management, resource management and surgery management to... Read More
  • Falcon By OPEX Corporation

    First in the series of Universal Document Scanning Workstations, Falcon is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting medical records workflow challenges. Falcon allows operators to prep and scan documents faster than most current prep only processes, significantly reducing costs... Read More
  • Falcon Transportable By OPEX Corporation

    THE TRANSPORTABLE DOCUMENT SCANNING WORKSTATION Falcon Transportable, designed for mobile scanning operations, combines OPEX’s innovative one-step drop feed scanning technology with the performance of a high-capacity production scanner. Regardless of your document scanning needs, Falcon... Read More
  • FastPrint By FormFast

    FormFast offers its FastPrint platform to enable hospital staff to intelligently output up-to-date eForms (created in Form Designer). FastPrint communicates with hospital software such as the HIS system to determine what forms the patients needs based on pre-defined criteria. The eForms are... Read More
  • FIMMAS for Claims Handling By Management Data, Inc.

    Claims handling in FIMMAS consists of four elements: Claims entry and determination of eligibility; Claims adjudication (calculation of payment); Disbursement processing; Claims tracking, inquiry and reporting. FIMMAS handles all four of these elements for life, AD&D, and disability products.... Read More
  • FIMMAS Underwriter Workstation By Management Data, Inc.

    The FIMMAS underwriter workstation provides streamlined access to underwriting tasks including: Automatic determination for new applications that require underwriter reviews versus those available for speedy issue; Automatic determination of underwriting requirements based on plan, age, amount... Read More
  • Financial Management (S3) By Infor Healthcare

    Lawson S3 Financial Management software helps the service sector drive enterprise value with enhanced information for targeting growth and a platform for sustainable compliance. Lawson Financials helps improve transparency of business, strengthens financial discipline, and helps improve business... Read More
  • Flash Code Diagnosis By Flash Code Solutions, LLC

    Flash Code® Diagnosis is designed for all health care providers and payers who need an expert diagnosis coding solution including complete ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS solutions. Flash Code Diagnosis with ICD-10 Smart Search runs on any desktop, laptop or tablet computer and includes the following... Read More
  • Flash Code Medical By Flash Code Solutions, LLC

    Flash Code® Medical is designed for physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, third party payers, and other medical providers. Flash Code Medical runs on any desktop, laptop or tablet computer and includes the following features: > All official CPT®, DRG, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM and... Read More
  • FormFix By Accusoft

    With the FormFix SDK, you can build powerful forms processing applications that include form recognition, registration, and dropout, along with image cleanup and OMR (optical mark recognition). Designed for production-level structured forms processing and OMR, FormFix technology was chosen for... Read More
  • FormSuite for Structured Forms By Accusoft

    Build your feature-rich forms processing application quickly and easily. Available for .NET and ActiveX, the FormSuite for Structured Forms SDK is an industry leader for integrating powerful character recognition (OCR, ICR and OMR), form identification, form dropout, scanned document cleanup... Read More
  • ForSite2020® By Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc.

    ForSite2020® includes all elements of pre-access and access management providing conflict-free patient scheduling and resource alignment for all departments including surgery, clinical policy alerts and triage, improved patient safety, ordering for pre-admission testing and follow-up,... Read More
  • ForSite2020® Surgery Management By Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc.

    Efficiently Manage Your Highest Revenue Department with ForSite2020® Surgery Management Unibased is unmatched in the industry for customer satisfaction in providing healthcare organizations like yours with high performance software and unparalleled reliability. Unibased's ForSite2020® Surgery... Read More
  • FREE EMR Interface By Medical INK Corporation

    EMR integration According to a survey conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine only 4% of respondents have a fully functional EMR (with order-entry and clinical decision support capabilities) and 13% have a basic system. Most studies show that even after implementation there is a high... Read More