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  • EchoCluster By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Vision EchoCluster for AIX is the industry’s easiest to use clustering solution providing rapid, automated failover to an alternate local or remote server. When combined with EchoStream real-time data replication for AIX you can be assured of continuous end-to-end site protection for disaster... Read More
  • EchoStream for AIX By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    EchoStream for AIX replicates data in real time allowing you to protect and rapidly recover data in the event of software corruption, security breach, virus attack, deleted files or other causes of data loss. Overview -Provides additional ROI by letting you use the replicated data for... Read More
  • eClaims By Henry Schein Practice Solutions

    Electronic Insurance Claims and Attachments eClaims gives you the ability to simplify the insurance claim process so you get paid faster. With a few clicks of the mouse, your insurance claims are created in Dentrix, validated, and electronically sent to your payors. The entire process only... Read More
  • EDI X12 Integration By Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration

    PilotFish’s Interface Engine solutions allow healthcare users to quickly leverage the EDI X12 data critical to significant developments in population health initiatives and analytics. PilotFish’s unified and automated approach to EDI transaction processing delivers immediate benefits to... Read More
  • eFileCabinet Desktop Document Management System By eFileCabinet, Inc.

    eFileCabinet for Desktop offers you uncompromising security for all your documents and data by storing them directly to your on-premise server—but the security is the only thing that’s rigid. Our Desktop platform is simple and easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with other software for an... Read More
  • eHealth Imaging Solutions By eHealth Technologies

    Patient images that traditionally take hours or days to procure, if they're retrievable at all, are now available in seconds with eHealth Imaging Solutions™. Common problems of lost images and films, non-viewable CDs, or large file transfers are eliminated as any image from any PACS connected to... Read More
  • eHealth Record Retrieval Service By eHealth Technologies

    eHealth Record Retrieval Service transforms the ordeal of tracking down referral care records, full diagnostic imaging, and pathology—which can often drag on for weeks—into a quick, simple turnkey service that can be initiated by your staff with the click of a mouse. Broken and delayed... Read More
  • eHealth Referral Communication By eHealth Technologies

    eHealth Referral Communication provides referral centers the ability to automatically and securely communicate with their referring physicians on patient status and provide secure access to relevant clinical results, reports, and imaging. This solution automates communication, keeping referring... Read More
  • eHealth Referral Solutions By eHealth Technologies

    eHealth Referral Solutions™ is a suite of services that improves the referral process care cycle—solutions that streamline external record and image collection, enable connection to and communication with referring physicians, and provide valuable reporting on organization referral patterns.... Read More
  • EHR Testing & HIS Testing for Providers and Payers By QualiTest Ltd

    Health Information Systems HIS & Electronic Healthcare Records EHR testing is growing exponentially. With HIPPA and ICD-10 Implementation underway, testing of healthcare systems is a high priority. EHR and HIS are at the core of large healthcare organizations business. Therefore, any... Read More
  • eiConsole for Healthcare By Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration

    The eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, with the world’s only “Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line,” reduces and simplifies the complexity of configuring HL7 and any other healthcare interface. Proven in virtually every area of healthcare to speed up the creation and... Read More
  • eiTestBed - Customer Onboarding By Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration

    The eiTestBed is a cloud-based app that automates the entire process of onboarding information exchange partners by providing an online self-service implementation, testing, and validation facility. It is specifically designed for HIEs, Medical Labs, Software Providers, State Agencies, Medical... Read More
  • Electronic Health Records By CureMD Corp.

    Transform your practice with CureMD’s Cloud-based Electronic Health Record in a way you never imagined before. With a powerful knowledgebase, CureMD EHR is built for usability, performance and reliability. It delivers the unthinkable – an enterprise grade Specialty-specific solution for a... Read More
  • Electronic Medical Records By MIMA Technology Solutions

    We offer web based electronic medical records and practice management systems to make your practice run smoother. Our product is a certified system. Please contact us for additional information. Read More
  • Elysium Discover By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium Discover is the first reporting and analytices solution for HIE. Like never before, HIE administrators can understand, manage, improve and document the clinical and organizational value of their Exchange - for stakeholders, patients, users, funders and the greater community Read More
  • Elysium Edge Server By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium EdgeServices connect organization’s interfaced health information systems to the Elysium Exchange Framework. EdgeServices maximize IT infrastructure investments by protecting facility systems from HIE queries, while maintaining the entity as the custodian of its data. Using messages from... Read More
  • Elysium EMR By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium EMR is a fully interoperable EMR, used by providers across the country for over 15 years. Elysium 9, a CCHIT Certified® 2008 Ambulatory EHR is a web-based solution that immediately connects physicians for secure, electronic communication and collaboration while providing standard EMR... Read More
  • Elysium Express By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium Express provides hospital-to-physician and physician-to-physician connectivity quickly, easily and affordably. Physicians receive electronic lab results, transcribed reports, referrals and other time-sensitive clinical information , in real-time. There is no hardware or software to... Read More
  • Elysium Image Exchange By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium Image Exchange provides authorized users of the HIE with single click access to diagnostic quality medical images from multiple disparate picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) - from any radiology and cardiology imaging provider that participates in an HIE. Read More
  • Elysium Ordering By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium Ordering enables ambulatory physicians to request diagnostic services and perform referrals electronically using direct connections to suppliers such as radiology and imaging centers, clinical labs, and cardiology service centers. Elysium Ordering supports a wide range of work-flow... Read More
  • Elysium Virtual Health Record (VHR) By OPTUMInsight

    Elysium Virtual Health Record (VHR) retrieves and displays all available patient data from across the entire continuum of care. Pulled together virtually, a longitudal record with an easy to use tabbed web interface provides a complete electronic health record (EHR), accessible with a single... Read More
  • Emergency Department Consulting Services By Emergency Excellence, LLC

    Choose from one of our standard emergency room consulting engagements or we can customize our services to best meet your needs: EmEx - Consult Rapid Improvement Plan 2 day on-site evaluation of your emergency department Prioritize relevant solutions and develop a rapid improvement plan... Read More
  • EmEx - Award By Emergency Excellence, LLC

    Emergency Department Award First national designation to recognize superior emergency care Designation endures for 2 years On-site assessment to evaluate emergency department performance and verify EmEx-Compare data Plaque commemorating Emergency Center of Excellence designation Special... Read More
  • EmEx - Compare By Emergency Excellence, LLC

    Emergency Excellence benchmarks your emergency department compared to other participating EDs and best practices across over 100 emergency department benchmarks. Each performance indicator is mapped to seven distinct Pillars of Excellence – Safety, Satisfaction, Space, Staff, Support, System,... Read More
  • EmEx - Contact By Emergency Excellence, LLC

    EmEx-Contact is a turnkey solution for your emergency department patient callback and satisfaction survey program. Our trained call center team, using our patient callback software in a secure environment, will contact and track your emergency department patients soon after discharge.... Read More
  • EmEx - Dashboard By Emergency Excellence, LLC

    Emergency Department Performance Dashboard Monitor and benchmark emergency department performance Track dozens of performance indicators – customized to show you the information you want Interactive graphs and reports Drill down by physician, nurse, date, time Easy to use - no training... Read More
  • EMR - Electronic Medical Records Solutions By Dell Inc.

    With upcoming deadlines for meeting Meaningful Use criteria and the growth of private and federal Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), hospitals and physicians are quickly implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR). To make the transition fast and effective, Dell can provide complete... Read More
  • Enterprise Imaging Informatics By Philips Healthcare

    Addressing the real challenges you face today, Philips' Enterprise Imaging Informatics provides one cohesive solution designed to help simplify clinical workflow, improve financial outcomes, and improve and save lives. Our solution helps clinicians acquire, analyze, interpret and... Read More
  • Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) By Infor Healthcare

    A key component of the Lawson Exchange is its Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) functionality. The EMPI helps healthcare organizations deliver on health information exchange (HIE) initiatives that focus on facilitating the exchange of health information electronically among physicians,... Read More
  • Enterprise Master Provider Index By QuadraMed Corporation

    With important healthcare provider data captured in various systems and databases throughout the enterprise, it can be challenging to search for and find the provider information you need when you need it. As your health system grows, provider data management can become even more... Read More
  • Enterprise Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM) By Tools4ever

    Tools4ever’s E-SSOM is an organization-wide Single Sign On solution enabling end-users to log in just once, after which access is granted automatically to all of their authorized applications. The E-SSOM single sign on solution makes automatic login possible. SSO can be combined with... Read More
  • Enterprise Solution By Ingenious Med

    Within our physician-designed application, the enterprise solution incorporates all of our practice solution capabilities – charge capture, secure messaging, management reports and CrossCover notes – and significantly amps up the care coordination functionality and extends it across the... Read More
  • Entity Match & Resolution By ARGO

    Entity Match & Resolution provides an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution lowers duplicate rates below 0.5 percent, exceeding the ONC Health IT 2020 mandate. Designed to work across diverse healthcare technology environments, the solution accurately matches and links records... Read More
  • Epic Implementations By Stoltenberg Consulting

    Since 2007 Stoltenberg has been recognized as a Preferred Epic Partner, a program through which Stoltenberg consultants consistently receive proper training in Epic applications, allowing them to obtain and maintain the certifications needed to develop seasoned, well qualified, multi-faceted... Read More
  • Event Relation Registry By NextGate

    Aggregate Enterprise Data For A Multi-System Perspective of Patients The Event Relation Registry uses social network technology to automatically link and organize enterprise information into useable and insightful servings. The registry monitors existing message traffic and builds panoramic... Read More
  • Extension Engage By Extension Healthcare

    Extension Engage™ is an enterprise alarm safety and event response solution specifically developed for hospitals and acute care facilities. The advanced clinical alarm management middleware helps reduce the dangers of traditional medical alerting processes, including alarm fatigue, as well as... Read More
  • Extension Engage Mobile By Extension Healthcare

    Extension Healthcare is redefining clinical alarm management by focusing on what happens after the clinician receives an alarm notification. Extension enables advanced event response by integrating its reliable and sophisticated clinical workflow engine with a collaborative solution called... Read More
  • Extension Evaluate By Extension Healthcare

    The Evaluate server-based software collects baseline clinical alarm and alert data from various clinical systems. Extension characterizes alarms as patient events triggered by regulated medical devices such as patient monitors and vents. Alerts are characterized as patient events triggered by... Read More