Products in the Healthcare IT Marketplace

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  • Data Center Solutions By Annese & Associates Inc.

    Groom Your Data Center for Success A data center is the heart of any organization—the nucleus which retains all of a company’s critical information and resources that enable employees to successfully manage business operations day in and day out. As a Cisco Silver Partner, VMware... Read More
  • Data Loss/Breach/Discovery Assessment By CynergisTek

    CynergisTek utilizes Code Green Networks TrueDLP platform and their network DLP appliance (complete with content inspection agent if desired) which enables configurable scanning of network attached assets for sensitive data content. The CynergisTek team spends a fair amount of pre-assessment... Read More
  • Data Manager By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Control storage usage growth, without growing your IT staff. - Achieve an optimal balance between application performance, data access speeds and storage cost containment. - Quickly and easily create current, realistic test databases. Data Manager is an advanced data archiving tool... Read More
  • Data Protection Services By GRM Document Management

    GRM’s extensive portfolio of integrated data protection and offsite backup services archives and protects the critical information that is the life blood of every business. From high security vaults to 24/7 disaster recovery support, we are dedicated to the preservation of your sensitive... Read More
  • Data Security and Compliance By Dell Inc.

    Managing healthcare data requires security that doesn’t impact clinician access to data. And with the fast changing healthcare environment, your solution must be agile enough to adapt quickly to new demands and new security threats. •Demand is growing for interoperability, collaboration and... Read More
  • Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence & Performance Management By Cognizant Technology Solutions

    As companies demand advanced BI and analytical solutions to enable and, in many cases, automate their decision-making, we help them leverage information as an asset. Enhancing business performance while improving value-to-cost ratio, Cognizant’s Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence &... Read More
  • Dell Mobile Clinical Computing Solution By Dell Inc.

    Mobile Clinical Computing: Virtual desktop technology for healthcare Dell’s Mobile Clinical Computing Solution makes clinical applications faster and easier to use, giving providers more time with their patients. MCC combines virtual desktop technology with tools to enhance clinical... Read More
  • Dentrix Enterprise By Henry Schein Practice Solutions

    Everything you need in one, complete system Dentrix Enterprise is designed to accomplish 5 enterprise management goals: Save time; Save money; Increase production; Enhance professional image; and Improve patient care. Electronic Dental Record (EDR) An electronic dental record (EDR) is an... Read More
  • DiagnosticPro Advantage By VIDAR Systems Corporation

    VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO® Advantage film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity of any digitizer on the market. In addition to typical PACS applications, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage offers flexibility – it can be used in facilities... Read More
  • DiagnosticPRO® Edge Film Digitize By VIDAR Systems Corporation

    VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO® Edge film digitizer takes the highest reliability, image quality and consistency of any digitizer on the market to the next level of performance. At double the scanning speed it allows for more studies in half the time. With its DUAL USE function, DiagnosticPRO Edge... Read More
  • Dictation By Digital Transcription Systems, Inc.

    DTS provides Clients dictation equipment at a very competitive price. We sell the following equipment: Telephone dial-in equipment Toll-free service Handhelds (Olympus, Philips and Sony models) Hands-free systems for your Pathologists Speech-mic's, for those with dictation stations Smartphone... Read More
  • Digital Archiving By Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain’s full complement of digital archiving, email archiving and image archiving services includes solutions for email management and inactive file storage that greatly improve your control and management abilities while allowing you to avoid tying up capital. You also get the benefit... Read More
  • Digital Document Management Solutions & Services By Recall Corporation

    Recall offers end-to-end digital document management solutions that can be tailored, packaged and targeted for Contract Management, Credit Applications, Insurance Claims, Benefits, Accounts Payable and more. Whether it’s scanning hard copies into electronic format and providing imaging storage,... Read More
  • Director By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Vision Director is mission control for your IBM i server. Part flight tracker, part autopilot, part caretaker and part mission specialist, Vision Director is a highly integrated set of applications that proactively monitors, manages and optimizes IBM i servers, databases and application... Read More
  • Doctor Tele Conferencing Solution By VS ONE WORLD (PTE) LTD

    Online Doctor Channeling Solution is a service that offers convenient booking facilities through Hospitals, Call Agents, Web and App for doctor appointments at leading hospitals in Sri Lanka. Online doctor channeling Solution serves as a health platform with many services including profile... Read More
  • Document Imaging By Cerner Corporation

    Our solutions provide sophisticated document capture, storage and retrieval that allows health care organizations to remove paper across care venues, including health information management, patient accounting, materials management and human resources. You can easily capture, store, retrieve... Read More
  • Document Management By CureMD Corp.

    CureMD's document management application enables practice management staff to capture, scan and attach paper charts, clinical images, photographs, x-rays, audio files and medical drawings directly into the electronic chart or integrated PACS system for complete, accurate and up-to-date... Read More
  • Document Management By MRO

    Despite the widespread adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) systems, various processes within the healthcare industry are still paper-based. Organizations transitioning to paperless environments—or those trying to better manage documentation—need efficient, flexible tools for capturing... Read More
  • Document Management By TIMS Software, developed by Computers Unlimited

    Our unified document imaging and medical necessity solution is a must have for every HME/DME provider. HIPAA compliant and environmentally green, our document imaging streamlines your office while ensuring your patient, physician or insurance documentation is ready at any time. Simply scan any... Read More
  • Document Management & Imaging By Imaging101, Inc.

    Imaging101, Inc. offers its core software solution, Imaging101, for document imaging, document management, document scanning, retrieval, and electronic document routing. Imaging101 is a powerful, flexible solution that provides many advantages over storing images and documents manually in... Read More
  • Document Management & Records Retrieval By EDCO Group, Inc.

    EDCO Group's document management solutions include document storage and retrieval. When storing documents with EDCO, clients can: -Access records 24 hours per day, seven days per week -Requested records are delivered electronically -No removal fees for permanently removing boxes Physical... Read More
  • Document Management Software By FileHold Systems Inc.

    FileHold document management software delivers essential document, record and workflow management capabilities, including: Document & records management for both short- and long-term working and archived documents, and advanced record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and... Read More
  • Document Management/ECM Services By DocVentive

    DocVentive offers a broad range of document management/enterprise content management (ECM) services, including: Documaker; Documaker Desktop (PPS); Documaker Interactive; Documerge Conversion; Calligo/IStream Upgrade; Calligo/IStream Conversion; Archive/Migration Services; Form Services;... Read More
  • Document Storage Solutions By GRM Document Management

    GRM Document Management is at the forefront of the Information and Records Management industry. We are famous for our end-to-end storage and cutting-edge Information Management Solutions, but it’s our brick-and-mortar services that function as the foundation for our business. GRM safely stores... Read More
  • DosimetryPRO® Advantage (Red) By VIDAR Systems Corporation

    VIDAR's DosimetryPRO® Advantage (Red) offers the radiation therapy market a specifically developed digitizer that meets the specific needs for those using popular standard film such as Carestream's Kodak EDR2 and film chemistry, as well as for those who use International Specialty Products'... Read More
  • Double-Take By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    For businesses that need proven protection and high availability for Windows data and applications, Vision Solutions offers the complete family of Double-Take solutions. Double-Take provides the world's most relied upon solutions for affordable, easy and effective data protection and high... Read More
  • DTS Technology By Digital Transcription Systems, Inc.

    Utilized by over 50,000 providers at over 300 healthcare facilities nationwide, the DTS flexible advanced speech recognition technology automatically trains in the background, eliminating the need to train the engine. We offer Clients choices: Full and partial dictation for upload of complete... Read More
  • DuxWare By DuxWare

    DuxWare was "cloud based" before the term was even invented. Our users have grown with us for over 26 years and in the process taught us how to support and make DuxWare perfect for their practices. Perfect because DuxWare allows them to move efficiently through their daily routine in clinics... Read More