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    ABILITY | EASE for Home Health, Hospitals, Hospice, and Skilled Nursing Facilities, makes DDE for Medicare Easier by automating many of the time-consuming DDE Medicare processes, which means you get paid more and faster. You now have the ability to experience cash flow management improvements... Read More
  • Accelero Connect® By Iatric Systems, Inc.

    MEDICAL DEVICE INTEGRATION: See medical device results in your EHR from vital sign monitors, smart pumps, ventilators, anesthesia machines, and more. Accelero Connect integrates medical devices with your EHR — regardless of device type, manufacturer, or EHR system your hospital uses. Read More
  • Access and View Medical Images | DG Mobile By DICOM Grid

    Access images on mobile devices with DG Mobile With DG Mobile, authorized personnel can access medical images anytime, anywhere, and on any device! Key Features: Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android Secure connection protects data Works on low bandwith Read More
  • Access Insight - Access Intelligence Engine By SecureAuth

    Access Insight is the industry's first Access Intelligence solution designed to help organizations identify, quantify and manage risk — seeing not only where the risk resides, but the level of risk as well. Access Insight constantly analyzes IAM and other security data from access governance,... Read More
  • Access Management By IntraNexus Inc.

    SAPPHIRE allows your staff to manage all patient access functions including patient pre-registration, registration, and admission: SAPPHIRE provides a complete IP/OP registration package to manage multi-facility, multi-site EMPI and visit data. SAPPHIRE provides complete management tools... Read More
  • Access Risk Management Suite By SecureAuth

    In today's dynamic business environment, it's critical for organizations to protect themselves on all fronts — on-premise, mobile, cloud and virtual environments. Courion takes Access Risk Management to the next level, providing organizations with a comprehensive, best practices solution for... Read More
  • AccountCourier - User Account Provisioning By SecureAuth

    AccountCourier delivers rapid business impact through automated user provisioning more rapidly and with less risk than competing solutions. AccountCourier is based on a flexible, standards-based platform that leverages existing technology investments without forcing your organization to change... Read More
  • Accounts Payable Invoice Automation By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Giving you control, visibility and efficiency across your enterprise procure-to-pay lifecycle Increasing invoice volumes, business unit additions due to mergers and acquisitions, mixed ERP environments, greater process complexity and ongoing pressure to do more with less – this is the new normal... Read More
  • ACORD AL3 Editor Software (AEV) By Terrace Software, Inc.

    Terrace AEV is a handy desktop file editor for opening, viewing and editing AL3 files. ACORD AL3 files are organized in a multi-level dynamically formatted manner which makes editing and viewing cumbersome. AEV uses the ACORD AL3 standard to properly parse and segment this data in an easy to... Read More
  • Acute Care Electronic Medical Record By Cerner Corporation

    The Cerner® electronic medical record (EMR) is an integrated database that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities. We created it to allow healthcare professionals to electronically store, capture and access patient health information in both the acute and ambulatory care setting. Our... Read More
  • AgendaMaker - Agenda Management By Upland Software

    AgendaMaker® is a document management software program designed to allow multiple people to collaborate on the creation and management of a complex agenda—without the need for paper! One person (an administrator) is in charge of setting up the agenda outline and other users are given the... Read More
  • Alere Electronic Health Record By Alere Accountable Care Solutions

    We are the only company that comprehensively addresses the data and care gaps in today's fragmented healthcare environment. Others address individual fragments, but we are connecting health solutions that serve entire populations, across critical continuums of care, with the modular flexibility... Read More
  • Analytics for Healthcare By dvsAnalytics, Inc.

    Analyze the Patient Experience. Encore Reporting and Analytics consolidates data from recordings, the telephony switch and desktop applications to monitor compliance and improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. The business intelligence gathered will provide healthcare establishments with... Read More
  • Analytics for Healthcare By Infor Healthcare

    Lawson Analytics for Healthcare can help you manage and support the processes most vital to your healthcare organization’s ultimate success – from supply chain and financial functions, to internal collaboration and empowered decision-making. Analytics for Healthcare helps: •Deliver the... Read More
  • Analytics/Business Intelligence By Cognizant Technology Solutions

    We ensure you collect high quality data and can integrate it across multiple sources so you have comprehensive and coherent views of your organization’s performance and can use that information to drive process improvement and service innovation. Read More
  • Applicant & Booking LiveScan multi-biometrics acquisition & identification station By Safran MorphoTrak

    - 500ppi or 1,000ppi image capture resolution - Readily interfaces with state and federal agencies engaged in background checks - MorphoTrak real-time finger sequence checks and quality controls to ensure maximum image quality - FBI IQS certified products - Intuitive user interface for ease... Read More
  • Application Services By OPTUMInsight

    Axolotl delivers a powerful hosting platform powered by proven technologies that you know, trust, and use regularly. Customers benefit from a scalable cloud platform that delivers federated secure, reliable, compliant and virtualized solutions. Axolotl's private cloud enables HIEs to deliver on... Read More
  • Appointment Scheduling By Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

    Front Office Solutions to ensure smooth patient workflow. Stand alone or a complete suite. Scheduling Recalls Reminders Eligiblity Referral Credit Card Processing Read More
  • Archive and Store Medical Images | DG Retention By DICOM Grid

    DG Retention provides medical organizations with a cost effective, flexible, and secure retention system for their medical images. The DG Retention solution makes it very easy to manipulate the archive – from searching and viewing a particular study, to automatically deleting third party studies... Read More
  • Audit Management By MRO

    Government and commercial payer audits are challenging, time-consuming undertakings for healthcare organizations, typically requiring the release of hundreds or thousands of patient records. These massive projects can bring mission-critical Health Information Management (HIM) processes to a... Read More
  • Audit Tracker By First Class Solutions, Inc.

    AUDIT-TRACKER, a full featured software application that allows specific data to be stored for each step in the audit process including PFS, HIM, Submission, Fiscal Impact, Appeal, and Correspondence to and from the auditor (may be scanned or imported). Appeal template letters are included.... Read More
  • AutoMate Authorizations Management By Avreo, Inc.

    With AutoMate Authorizations Management, providers can automate the processing of eligibility and authorizations, drastically reducing the time and effort required to obtain necessary approvals. In addition, AutoMate scripts the financial conversation identifying the patient’s payment... Read More
  • AVAA™ - Meeting the Needs of an Expansive Low Literate and Non-English Population By MariChris, LLC

    Introducing AVAA™, Audio Visual Application Assistor, specifically designed for automating eligibility applications to those with low literacy rates and those who lack proficiency with English. AVAA™ intelligently guides an applicant through a series of simple questions written at a 5th to 6th... Read More
  • Avalon Mobile iPad EHR By CureMD Corp.

    Avalon was designed with one thing in mind — our providers' ease of use. Its innovative architecture is built for doctors who want to move swiftly through their day without being tied to a room. With Avalon, documenting on your EHR is no more a hassle. Just tap, touch and dictate to chart and... Read More
  • AVIANCE Document Management By H.I.M. ON CALL, Inc.

    AVIANCE Document Management from H.I.M. ON CALL is a web-based system for imaging and digital document archiving. Users access information such as medical records, EOBs and more via the internet, and the result is more organized workflow, simultaneous record processing and reduced... Read More
  • aware360ºSuite By Awarepoint Corporation

    The aware360°Suite intelligently automates and streamlines asset management, capacity management, patient tracking, caregiver coordination, and ED and OR workflows. The suite spans the entire hospital enterprise, leveraging tag location and movement to track, report on, and proactively improve... Read More
  • awareAssets By Awarepoint Corporation

    awareAssets reduces planned capital purchases and lost equipment replacement, reduces equipment rental costs by 25%, eliminates manual temperature logging, and reduces time spent looking for equipment by 80%. awareAssets tracks, maps, and reports the location and status of mobile assets and... Read More
  • awareED By Awarepoint Corporation

    awareED helps organizations reduce Emergency Department visit time by 20-25%, bed turnover time by 25-50% and the number of patients that leave without being seen by 25-30%. awareED’s tracking engine and advanced workflow rules measure location, movement and interaction between patients, staff... Read More
  • awareHandHygiene By Awarepoint Corporation

    awareHandHygiene improves hand disinfection compliance by 30-60%, reducing the incidence of hospital-acquired infection and associated treatment costs. awareHandHygiene uses location tracking to monitor staff compliance with soap-and-water or gel-based hand hygiene events in relation to patient... Read More
  • awareSurgical By Awarepoint Corporation

    awareSurgical reduces OR turnover time by 25-50%, case-related calls by 80%, and increases on-time starts by 20-30%. awareSurgical helps perioperative staff visualize the location and status of patients, clinicians and equipment throughout the department in real time, intelligently... Read More
  • AZZLY EHR/PM/PHR 2011-2012 By AZZLY

    AZZLY, a privately held company based in Vero Beach, Fla., delivers an integrated EHR/PM/PHR that delivers a new level of intuitive, affordable clinical and administrative information systems that integrate and streamline the operations of physician practices and ambulatory clinics from check-in... Read More