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Milwaukee, WI 53202

About Health Payment Systems

HPS is a healthcare technology provider offering solutions to enhance the healthcare billing and payment experience for consumers, while also driving value to healthcare providers, insurance companies and employers.

HPS’ unique benefit can be highlighted in their patented Super EOB solution, offering a single consolidated statement of charges for a family. The consolidated payment benefits consumers, providers and employers alike.

HPS delivers one statement, one payment and one place to call, making HPS the clear solution to healthcare confusion.

HPS product suite can run standalone within a hospital system, through a provider network or ACO/ACN, and in other revenue cycle/billing and collection scenarios. In the state of Wisconsin, HPS has its product suite running within a number of PPO networks.

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Products by Health Payment Systems

By Health Payment Systems

The most effective independent provider network in Eastern Wisconsin. WE DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY When we partner with a provider, we go beyond negotiating discounts or rates. We also take responsibility for patient billing and collections, allowing providers to focus on patient care. Over the... Read more »

By Health Payment Systems

R​ The HPS SuperEOB​ is an easy-to-read, statement, similar to a credit card statement, that consolidates all of an individual’s or a family’s in-network explanations of benefits (EOBs) and medical bills for an entire month, regardless of how many doctors were seen. This simplifies the billing... Read more »

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2019 Member Satisfaction Survey

2019 Member Satisfaction Survey

2019 Member Satisfaction Survey

By Health Payment Systems

We surveyed over 700 Wisconsin families to find out how they feel about their healthcare experience with the HPS network and our super easy payment system. Check out the results of​ our 2019 Member Survey: Satisfaction with HPS and the SuperEOB​ .
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