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About Global Products LLC

MURx is Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR), Practice Management and Clinical Decision Support software. MURx also available on CLOUD platform. Specialty specific modules available for ophthalmology and orthopedic.
iHomecare is a solution based om mobile health and IoT concept enabling the homecare person to communicate instantly with a doctor with patient vitals sent over internet using a smartphone and digital medical devices. The doctor can initiate consultancy with a video call.
Digital clinic has an EMR interfaced with medical devices - ECG, BP Moniotr, Oximeter, thermometer, glucometer. Our Digital Clinic enables healthcare services to be provided in remote locations

Competitors of Global Products LLC

Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

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AestheticsPro Medical Aesthetic Spa Software

AestheticsPro is here to fundamentally improve medical spa business performance for practitioners and owners, and the customer experience and lives of their clients. The complete HIPAA Cloud Compliant solution for modern medical spa management and growth. Our SaaS product addresses all facets of... Read More