2021 Virtual Care Data Report

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Many practices began their virtual care journey by adopting telehealth in 2020. But there's much more to virtual care than telehealth. Implementing a full strategy that sets practices up for success long-term requires a custom approach tailored to the practice’s specific needs and creates the ideal experience for their patients. Looking forward, the delivery of healthcare will never be the same. And for good reason. Updox surveyed more than 1,000 healthcare providers across a variety of specialty practice areas to better understand how virtual care impacted their practices during COVID-19, their plans for developing a virtual care strategy in 2021 and beyond, and what barriers still exist in relation to digital health technology product adoption and implementation. The findings highlight how the perception and use of virtual care has shifted dramatically since 2020 and how new challenges have emerged that the industry must address to support healthcare practices moving forward.

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