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About PilotFish

The PilotFish suite of integration engine solutions delivers rapid interoperability in virtually every area of healthcare. Solution providers are leveraging our integration software’s flexibility, extensibility, and easy learning curve to accelerate integration and increase revenues. With our interface engine’s exclusive graphical automated interface assembly line process and open APIs, interfaces can be created and maintained at an unprecedented speed. No coding, no scripting required. HL7 and X12 EDI interfaces are a snap. Non-developers can do up to 90% of the work too. Interface reuse further slashes implementation timelines.

PilotFish integration software bridges the gap between legacy and new systems, applications and devices, equipment and databases. Integrating anything and everything you need to is easier than you ever imagined. That includes HL7 2.x and 3.x, FHIR, JSON, XML, CCD/CDA, X12 EDI and any other data format or industry standard that you‘ll ever need to work with.

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Products by PilotFish

By PilotFish

PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 EDI includes more X12 EDI specific functionality and tools for EDI transformation than any other product on the market. Out-of-the-box, PilotFish EDI middleware effortlessly handles HIPAA X12 data formats and rules, conversion to XML, output in any format, trading... Read more »

By PilotFish

The eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, with the world’s only “Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line,” reduces and simplifies the complexity of configuring HL7, X12 EDI, FHIR and any other healthcare interface. Proven in virtually every area of healthcare to speed up the... Read more »