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About Annese & Associates Inc.

Throughout the past four decades, these principals have established the foundation upon which Annese & Associates has emerged as the trusted adviser to our customers, partners, and communities. While we emphasize the value of designing, installing, and maintaining the boxes and wires that make up your network, we never lose sight of the core deliverables: leadership, integrity, and excellence. Our connections extend beyond devices and networks; we bring people to people, and ideas to action.

With more than four decades of experience, Annese has the knowledge and expertise to develop, integrate, and optimize your communications systems to best position you for the future.

Annese takes a holistic approach to cultivating intimate professional relationships. With a passion for networks, we foster innovation bringing the highest quality, business relevant systems to the communities we serve.

As a value added reseller, Annese has a dedicated team of certified technologists with a shared passion for innovation. Coupling research with results, we create new solutions to infuse today’s trusted technologies with the momentum to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

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Products by Annese & Associates Inc.

By Annese & Associates Inc.

Groom Your Data Center for Success A data center is the heart of any organization—the nucleus which retains all of a company’s critical information and resources that enable employees to successfully manage business operations day in and day out. As a Cisco Silver Partner, VMware... Read more »

By Annese & Associates Inc.

As the backbone of your communications platform, your network infrastructure must be highly available, highly secure, and highly reliable at all times. Without a properly designed and implemented core infrastructure, your business’ assets and applications don’t stand a chance. Annese has... Read more »

By Annese & Associates Inc.

You can’t put a price on your safety. You wouldn’t go to sleep without locking the doors in your house; why not take the same precautionary measures for your network? With the emergence of smart-phones, tablets, and the commercialization of IT, combined with the move to cloud-based services,... Read more »