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Healthcare provider data is everywhere across the healthcare system. Business strategies and decisions rest on the quality of that provider data. It’s imperative healthcare companies monitor their data on a regular basis with safeguards against erosion. The practice of systematically managing actionable data based on millions of healthcare practitioners, their related organizations and affiliations, is an enormously complex commitment that requires constant oversight and investment. That's the foundation of our business.

Founded in 1999 as a healthcare provider data supplier offering software and data integration services, Health Market Science is the market leader in delivering innovative solutions based on the most comprehensive and accurate provider database - The HMS Provider MasterFile. Our solutions, based on pristine data and the largest claims warehouse in the industry, have helped over 250 clients comply with evolving federal and state laws, reduce operational costs and maximize market opportunities.

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Provider data changes frequently and unexpectedly. From addresses and phone numbers to credentialing information, healthcare provider data is constantly changing. Keeping the data up-to-date is difficult and costly. Providers tend to be remiss about updating their profile information with... Read more »

By Health Market Science

coverage you need to be strategic.In today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers need to have an accurate picture of their target customers in order to maximize account-based sales planning and execution. It takes a holistic... Read more »

By Health Market Science

Group practice relationships are difficult to track. As practitioners add new affiliations, move, or divide their time among multiple practices and facilities, it becomes difficult to evaluate the value of the account. And because providers are lax about reporting affiliations changes, HIE... Read more »

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