IAM: From Rquirements to Realization

A free white paper by Tools4ever

Identity & Access Management(IAM) is increasingly being deployed in organizations. This stems from the recognition that a forward-looking approach to Identity & Access Management is crucial to achieve cost savings. Organizations that implement IAM solutions go through various stages of maturity with regarding the professionalization of IAM. To ensure a manageable implementation, we recommend rolling via a phased approach. Concurrently, the investment will be spread across a longer period and employees can get accustomed to new processes in each step. A number of IAM processes can be distinguished that coincide with the steps Tools4ever uses for the implementation of its IAM solution. These include: User and Workflow Management, Self-Service and Access Monitoring. This whitepaper will explore: •What is Identity and Access Management? •IAM in terms of: HR System, Data Warehouse; Workflow; Self Service; Authentication; Provisioning. •The distinguishing features of Tools4ever’s IAM.

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