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About QuadraMed Corporation

QuadraMed believes patient health and safety should never be at risk because of improper identification or fragmented records. Our master person indexing and identity authentication processes simplify patient matching so health systems can provide the right treatments to the right patients with confidence.

Quality care starts with correctly identifying every patient. Our industry-leading EMPI and identity authentication systems make it easy for healthcare organizations to select the right patient record and treat every patient based on a comprehensive medical history, regardless of location.

Our patient identity management solutions merge fragmented patient records and eliminate duplicates, establishing one enterprise master person index to facilitate a single record system. We then set up processes and systems to prevent future patient identification errors from entering the index.

QuadraMed is a division of Harris Healthcare.

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Products by QuadraMed Corporation

By QuadraMed Corporation

Other Vendors Can Only Offer You One Piece of the EMPI Puzzle. We Have Them All. Diagnose: Scan your current databases and detect all existing patient identification inconsistencies. Treat: Cleanse your patient data of any duplicates and overlaps. Cure: Establish one enterprise master person... Read more »

By QuadraMed Corporation

QuadraMed proactively prevents duplicate patient record creation during all points of entry into the health system. Our SmartAccess™ patient recognition technologies include an enterprise-wide search using our proprietary probabilistic algorithm, which can be enhanced with one or more of the... Read more »

By QuadraMed Corporation

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