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Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Available from ScienceSoft

Data warehouse consulting helps with designing and implementing DWH to consolidate disparate data sources to enable informed decision-making across a company. ScienceSoft offers DWH consulting for DWH design, implementation or migration and helps you choose DWH platform, architecture, and data... Read More

Cetec ERP

Cetec ERP

Available from Cetec ERP

Cetec ERP is a highly practical web-based ERP platform built for small and mid-market manufacturing companies. It is designed to help SMB manufacturers efficiently manage all aspects of their manufacturing company and solve their most difficult challenges unique to a manufacturing environment.... Read More

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Assessment by department

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Assessment by department

Available from The Perry Consulting Group

Your practice or facility may face obstacles that hinder a healthy revenue cycle. We conduct a detailed operational assessment of targeted revenue cycle components and benchmark organization performance against industry standards and best practices. Using (BI) Business Intelligence tools. Our... Read More

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CHS Partners with

Available from Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc. Announces Partnership for Lytec and Medisoft UsersEffective immediately, Lytec and Medisoft users ordering via Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc. will receive a 30-day free trial period.PRESS RELEASE    UPDATED: AUG 29,... Read more

Choosing the Best Medical Billing Service

Available from Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

Learn the three most important lessons when evaluating your medical billing service options. Price is not the key factor! Read more

Hospital Products Australia and Harris Data...

Available from Just Associates, Inc.

Sydney and Niagara Falls, N.Y. – 9-7-2023 – Hospital Products Australia (HPA), a prominent leader in delivering cutting-edge medical equipment and healthcare solutions, and Harris Data Integrity Solutions, the leading provider of best-in-class patient data integrity services... Read more

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Just Associates, Inc.

Only Harris Data Integrity Solutions can offer the unparalleled depth and breadth of industry expertise and the commitment to ongoing innovation necessary to meet the changing needs of patients and healthcare organizations today and in the future. Read More


Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. Having started as a small AI product company, we switched to IT services in 2002 and ever since we have helped non-IT organizations and software product companies improve business performance and... Read More

Complete HealthCare Solutions, Inc.

UnifiMD is an easy to use EHR. Personalized to each user's preferences and workflows UnifiMD provides everything a practice needs. Read More

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