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White Papers for Healthcare Information Systems and Technology

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Risk and Reward: Using Spreadsheets for Budgeting and Forecasting
by Budget Maestro by Centage
Most businesses use spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting. While it does provide a valuable service to finance executives for one-off spreadsheet creation, the creation of balance sheets, forecasts and profit and loss statements that flow from an organization’s general ledger must be immediate...

Best of Both Worlds: Exploring the Value of Multiple Models of Software Delivery
by PhaseWare Inc.
The decision of whether or not to outsource a small to medium-business’ (SMB) software programs is one that requires an examination of a variety of unique factors. Each firm must take into account their distinctive position in the marketplace in order to determine whether they should use a, Software...

The Rehabilitation Nursing Contribution to Value-Based Purchasing for Post-Acute Care
by Mediware Information Systems, Inc.
What does the future of Rehabilitation Nursing look like? What barriers will stand in the way? Old habits and historical practices play a role in the resistance of changes on the homefront. It's time for every healthcare organization to face the facts that nursing support for the delivery of...

Enhancing Patient Care and Physician Efficiency through EHR Adoption
by Care360, a Suite of Solutions from Quest Diagnostics
Many healthcare professionals focus on the financial implications and changes in workflow associated with adopting electronic health records (EHRs), often underestimating the positive impact the technology has on the quality of patient care. Using an EHR has been shown to significantly reduce the...

IAM: From Rquirements to Realization
by Tools4ever
Identity & Access Management(IAM) is increasingly being deployed in organizations. This stems from the recognition that a forward-looking approach to Identity & Access Management is crucial to achieve cost savings.Organizations that implement IAM solutions go through various stages of maturity...

Case Study: UNC Department of Radiology
by Avreo
The Department of Radiology needed an application capable of multi-facility input that would parallel the existing interpretation. Such a system would require multiple capacities: 1) ease of use and configuration; 2) adaptability to variable case volume; 3) minimal start-up cost; 4) a low-impact...

Introducing Exploratory Testing
by QualiTest Ltd
If you've been taught that the software testing process must include a complete set of detailed test documentation, or that an explicitly defined set of expected results must accompany each step in a testing plan, you should read this white paper....