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News About Healthcare Information Systems and Technology

Stay informed with the latest news releases and real-time Business Chatter from stellar companies serving the healthcare IT industry.

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from Talyst Inc  |  posted 10/17/2014
from AIRWATCH  |  posted 10/16/2014
from MorphoTrak  |  posted 10/16/2014
Tuesday, April 29, 2014. Paris, France / Pleasanton, CA, USA -
from Zebra Technologies Corporation  |  posted 10/15/2014
from Kaiser Permanente  |  posted 10/15/2014
from Microsoft Corporation  |  posted 10/15/2014
from EMC Corporation  |  posted 10/15/2014
from SEECHANGE HEALTH  |  posted 10/15/2014
from Zynx Health Incorporated  |  posted 10/15/2014
from Amplivox Sound Systems  |  posted 10/14/2014
09-08-2014 - Whether they represent local, state, or national interests, most government agencies have needs for sound equipment, emergency management tools, or presentation lecterns. AmpliVox Sound Systems is proud to meet those needs with top-quality products that deliver crystal-clear sound... Read more ›

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Many healthcare professionals focus on the financial implications and changes in workflow associated with adopting electronic health records (EHRs), often underestimating the positive impact the technology has on the quality of patient care. Using an EHR has been shown to significantly reduce the...

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