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Patient Monitoring and Connectivity (45 companies found)

  • Medisafe Inc

  • Vital Connect Inc

  • mscripts

    Healthcare providers use mscripts to communicate digitally with patients about their health.
  • MyCareTeam Inc.

  • OBIX

  • LifeScience Technologies

  • Equicare Health Inc

    Equicare Health is the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive care coordination solutions. Equicare’s flagship solution EQUICARE CS™ (ECS) is a Multi-facility web-based software tool that facilitates patient engagement including patient reported outcomes, patient navigation, survivorship...
  • HealthLoop

    HEALTHLOOP IS A CLOUD-BASED PLATFORM THAT AUTOMATES FOLLOW-UP CARE... Keeping doctors, patients and care-givers connected between visits with clinical information that is insightful, actionable, and engaging. Our peer-reviewed follow-up plans automate the routine aspects of care while tracking...
  • Conversa Health

  • Jellyfish Health